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About The Keyword Supplier Team

Hi, my name is Steve and I am the founder and owner of

All of the keyword research done here was by me, by hand using my in house private software and 1000s of manual labour hours. Just like cooking, I believe you get the best results with a little love and I love keyword research! I find it absolutely amazing at the sheer number of possible keyword combinations out there just waiting to be discovered and turned into profit. There literally is no end to it, and that’s what keeps me going. Think of keyword research like mining for gold, except when you find a nugget, it can literally pay you forever not just once. That’s the magic of this industry!

There’s a term called the snowball effect that intrigued me when I first started with Internet marketing. The snowball effect is exactly as it sounds, the bigger your snowball gets, the faster it starts to grow. When you get a few well researched keywords on the go and monetized, you will see what I mean. This snowball term is one of the main motivational factors that kept me plugging away when I first started out.

Some have asked why I don’t just keep all these keywords to myself and make a fortune… Well the short answer is, I do! I’ve got a little over 150 sites, some of which are covering 500+ keywords each with just blog posts. This strategy has provided me a very healthy income for years now. Problem is I have such a massive back log of keywords I haven’t even touched yet I can’t keep up. My keyword list grows at a rate of about 5x the rate of my website portfolio. So you can imagine over the course of many years just how many keywords I have harvested. That is where the idea of this website came from. I thought to myself there has to be something I can do with all these powerful, rare, untapped keywords and the answer is sharing!