Keyword extensions(LSI) are a great way to find extra traffic and the sad truth is most people look right past them.

You could turn a keyword with 10,000 global monthly exact searches, and optimize your article for the keyword to include a few its keyword extensions.

Looks look at an example keyword of: ‘sore back’ which has 2900 global monthly exact searches. Not the easiest keyword to rank for but for examples sake lets see some of the long tail keyword extensions available for sore back.

  • sore lower back – 1600 GMS
  • sore back muscles – 880 GMS
  • sore back remedies – 480 GMS
  • sore upper back – 320 GMS


Find a way to get these keywords into your article, just 1-2 times each is enough and you have no taken your 2900 global monthly searches keyword and turned it into a 6180 global monthly search keyword. Also keep in mind that these longer tail keywords are even easier to rank for than the parent keyword ‘sore back’ so these will often bring you in some traffic before your main keyword.

If keyword extensions are an option you’d like, then select it and you can expect anywhere from 3-6+ keyword extensions included in your report for each of your keywords potentially tripling or doubling the traffic.