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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: What’s the advantage of purchasing keywords from you opposed to finding them myself?
A.: Well if you’re here then you’re obviously struggling with keyword research on your own, or you are just sick of it and need mass amounts of keywords. Regardless of why you’re here, rest assured that the keywords here at are only those of the highest quality making your job that much easier both short-term and long-term.
Q.: What’s the best way to make money with these keywords?
A.: The most common method of monetization used with keywords of this nature is Google AdSense. Depending on the keyword, there may also be related products to look for with affiliate programs. Related CPA offers and CJ are also great ways to monetize your content if you can find closely related products and offers.
Q.: Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
A.: Absolutely! At 50 keywords, our system will automatically drop $0.50 off each keyword saving you $25. At 100 keywords, it will knock off $1 for each keyword. At 200 keywords you get $2.00 off per keyword all the way up to $5 off per keyword for 500.
Q.: Should I build my own list or just buy a random list?
A.: I highly recommend going through our keyword list and selecting your own keywords. Atleast this way you can pick by category at the very minimum instead of getting random keywords from us with our pre-made list packages. If you need more specific keywords, please use our contact form and I will do my best to meet your requirements.
Q.: What SEO strategy do you use?
A.: With the right keywords, very little SEO is required. As long as your content contains your keyword at a density of 3-5%, as well as in your title, and URL then you have a great start. The keyword does not have to be in the domain, is good enough. Check out my SEO Tips article for a more detailed study on this topic. Now depending on just how low the competition is for the keyword, you may need a little to no linkbuilding at all. Check out my linkbuilding post for more details on this subject.
Q.: Do I need exact match domains or do you use authority blogs to post articles?
A.: I myself like to build and use authority blogs to post my articles. I have a health blog, sports blog, business blog for their respective related articles. I will buy exact match domains when I have a main keyword with a decent amount of traffic that has a bit more competition than usual. However, this keyword must have some keyword extensions that are worth pursuing and easier to rank for before I pursue it.
Q.: Are exact match domains required?
A.: No! You can buy a general related domain name and throw a wordpress blog on it to post articles for each of your keywords. So if you get 20 keywords in the electronics niche, you could go buy a domain like and post all your articles there. This will save you a lot of time and money buying separate domains for each keyword.
Q.: What SEO services do you recommend?
A.: I love link diversity so there are a few services I use and can recommend. For link pyramids I use Linkpushing, very powerful stuff! For private blog networks Linkvana or SeoLinkVine are solid easy going networks. My Article Network is another blog network that is a bit more effective, but their guidelines are very strict for posting content. For blog comments and profile links I love Dripable! For article submissions I don’t use a service, but the software Article Marketing Robot.
Q.: What forms of payment do you accept?
A.: For now, strictly Paypal. I hope to support some more payment processors in the future.
Q.: What is your refund policy?
A.: Due to the nature of this business, I can not offer a refund policy meaning all sales are final. What I can do if you are not happy with your list of keywords, or just certain ones, is replace them with other keywords. It has become too easy for customers to order huge lists of keywords, and then ask for a refund. They get their money back and keep the keywords, I have no way of preventing them from using their list.
Q.: What SEO software do you recommend?
A.: The only two pieces of software I use are for linkbuilding and they are SenukeX and Article Marketing Robot.
Q.: How do you find all these keywords?
A.: I spent a year developing my own keyword research software that could analyze mass amounts of keywords at a time while using the strictest of criteria. On top of that I spend 100s of hours every month manually researching keyword ideas, and analyzing keywords my software suggests as gold mines.
Q.: How many times is each keyword sold?
A.: For customer protection, I will only sell each keyword a maximum of 3 times after which it will automatically be removed from the list. There’s a few gold mine keywords in there that are only sold twice ;)