The Google dance is the fluctuation of a particular websites search engine rankings. If your site/page is relatively new, upon being indexed it is common for it to dance between pages before settling down to its appropriate rank in Google’s eyes.

What triggers a dance?

Linkbuilding is a very common way to get your site to dance. Sometimes after an influx of fresh backlinks your site can drop rank a few spots, to a few pages which means Google is unsure where to rank you now with all the changes. So they dance you around before your site finally comes back, which in most cases should be stronger than your previous rank.

Let’s look at an example of a google dance one of my posts went through over the course of a month after a fresh influx of backlinks (approx 300-400):
  • Original rank was middle of page 6 on July 20th which the post had been stuck on for months.
  • 2 days after the backlinks I sent to it the site dropped to page 7. Let the dancing begin!
  • 3 days after it was on page 20.
  • 5 days it was down to page 17
  • 10 days it was back down to page 9
  • Days 10-15 it danced from page 7 to 10.
  • Days 16-19 it finally got back to it’s original rank of page 6 and danced around pages 5-7.
  • Day 25 it jumped to page 2.
  • It is now at the top of page 2 just waiting to crack 1st page.

Fresh content is also prone to dancing as mentioned previously. A new post on your blog for example will most likely dance around a range of pages for the first few days to even weeks before settling.

How long does the Google dance last?

It’s hard to say, there is no definitive answer to this question. From experience, the bigger the change the bigger and longer the dance. For instance if you were to give your site 500 backlinks out of no where, your site may dance longer and over a larger range of pages as opposed to just giving it 100 backlinks. But the general rule of thumb for me is to give it a month before seeing what should be closer to your official post google dance rank.

How can you avoid the Google Dance?

The best way I have found to limit the effects of dancing is to spread your linkbuilding out. Instead of doing a huge blast one week, then another blast the next week and so on, spread it out over days. If your going to send 1000 scrapebox comments to your site, schedule it to do 100 comments per day over 10 days.