Link building always has, and still is the 2nd most important aspect to improving your SERP’s. What you need to keep in mind is that the link building game is always changing, especially now with all the major panda updates Google has done. Over the past year things have changed quite drastically as you may already know unless you’ve been living under a rock or new to the scene. Today you can no longer rely solely on one form of backlinks (like blog comments or profile links) to effectively improve your SERP’s. The key now is to diversify your linkbuilding which sounds like a lot more work, and it is.

To have an effective and safe link building strategy, you now need a mix of high quality article links, high pr blog posts, social network links, bookmarks, web 2.0 profiles, blog comments and anything else you can think of. It’s a lot, I know!

For some link building is a very tedious and cumbersome task they just don’t want to do. Now that things just got harder, not only do most people not want to link build to this extent, but they often lack the proper knowledge and tools to tackle the job.

Blasting (Don’t Do It!)

You’ve probably heard the term blasting when talking about link building, it’s a topic of great discussion. Blasting usually means sending thousands of links at your site or page at the same time. From my personal experience this is a very bad idea post panda and I will tell you why. Not only is Google giving less value for blast easy backlinks like blog comments or profile links, they are also tracking your link building volume history. So if you go ahead and blast 5000 comments to your brand new blog post on 2011 golf clubs, and then just let it sit for a few months, and then blast it again with another couple thousand you are setting yourself up for disaster. While this strategy won’t guarantee better or worse rankings, it is guaranteed to increase your chances of having that post sandboxed, or Google danced like crazy.

Drip feeding your link building over long periods of time is now a crucial aspect to long-term seo success. Spread your blasts over weeks, doing a couple hundred each week. Consistency is key here, you don’t want Google to see a spike happy history of backlink volume.

Protecting Your Money Site

With all the trouble you can get your important money sites in now a days, more and more people are figuring out ways to protect their money sites while still taking advantage of all the link building strategies available. The best way to do that is by creating buffer sites pointing to your money site, and then sending the lower quality back links to those buffer sites. The buffer sites should be of the highest quality backlinks available like high PR blog posts, web 2.0 posts, and social networks. Once you have a few of these pointing to your site that you’re trying to protect, you can then go ahead and blast these buffer sites with the lower quality links like profiles and blog comments. Doing this will leave you with a two-tiered link structure giving your money site the best of both worlds, while remaining protected.

If you just read everything above, then you are probably thinking to yourself this all sounds like quite a bit of work and you’re absolutely right. Luckily there are some fantastic automated seo services out there that you should definitely be utilizing that can make your life so much easier, because everyone else is! Not only do these services do everything for you, they do it right with extremely effective results.

Best Link Building SEO Services (Ranked in order)

1. LinkPushing  (Highly recommended! Click the link to read my in depth review)

2. RankPay  (A white hat professional seo company where you don’t pay until you get the rank you want.)

3. BuildMyRank  (One of, if not thee strongest private blog network. Posting guidelines are strict, but the quality of links is top notch!)

4. Linkvana  (An easier going private blog network that’s accepts just about any content you throw at it. Posts can be as small as 100 words)

Best Link Building SEO Software (Ranked in order)

1. SenukeX  (One of the more powerful do it yourself all in one pieces of SEO software. Bit of a learning curve but the potential is here for sure)

2. Article Marketing Robot  (By far the best tool for submitting to mass amounts of article directories.)

3. <a href=””>Scrapebox  (Top of the game for blog comments. Can harvest urls, harvest proxies, post comments, post trackbacks and has tons of free addons. A great tool that can do a lot!)