LinkPushing is my top recommended SEO Service and here is why

Link Pushing is a monthly subscription based service where depending on the membership package you subscribe to, will determine how many link pushes you get each month. A link push is a massive infrastructure of backlinks that will give your site/page more link juice than ever before without leaving a footprint like the obsolete linkwheel strategy.

The process is completely random for each push, making it virtually impossible to track down because it leaves no footprint making it more of a white hat method than black hat. On top of that the links are of the highest quality being top tier web 2.0 properties, article directories, doc share sites, micro blogs, social bookmarking sites and more. Remember everything I talked about above? Ya, well Link Pushing has it all and then some!

Here is what a LinkPushing infrastructure will look like:


Pretty intense right? Imagine having to make a link building campaign like this manually? Imagine having to do it manually for more than one site/page? Not a chance!

Well with about 5 clicks of the mouse, you could have one of these massive link building infrastructures built for your chosen website or webpage. All you have to do is enter your url, pick your keywords, select a category, hit submit and your done. Magic!

LinkPushing Cost


While Linkpushing may be a little expensive for some, there literally is no comparison service out there. The fact that you can setup 1 link push with as little as 5 clicks, requiring no other work like providing articles, making accounts or anything of that sort, is just music to anyone’s ears.

Throwing one of this link pushes on your domain is one thing, but imagine link pushing each one of your inner pages or blog posts as well? The effect is just crazy! I myself use the Super Link Push Sub of 20 link pushes a month, which I intend to upgrade shortly to the 50 package because I love this service so much.

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