I want to show you the difference between the keyword research that we do compared to the keyword research tools available to the public.

100% of the keywords we sell are not only filtered through our software with strict filters and criteria, but then manually analyzed by a professional. Here are just 5 of the many important aspects that most keyword researcher’s or software can’t do.

1. Individually analyzed by a professional – Each and everyone of our keywords in our list has not only made it through the gauntlet of our software with hundreds of strict filters and criteria, but then are individually analyzed by us, by hand to ensure it is what the software says it is. If you don’t know what to look for here, then you are leaving everything up to the software which isn’t always right.

2. Can the keyword be profitable? Just because it has a high CPC does not mean it’s a keyword that people are going to click ads for, or want to buy something for. This is not something software is capable of and is one of the reasons we trump it.

3. Search trends. Most keyword tools look past this and grab stats from months prior. What good is a keyword going to do you that had 5000 searches 2 months ago, but has now trended down to 1000 a month and dropping?

4. Where is the traffic coming from? What good are keywords with a majority of it’s traffic coming from a foreign country like Germany for instance. If you are running an english website it’s not very likely you’re going to rank anywhere good in Germany for that keyword, making it completely useless to you. All of our keywords show both global searches and local searches so you can see the difference. 95% of our keywords were researched based on U.S. search criteria, so our local monthly search column means people from the U.S.

5. Top 10 competition analysis – One of, if not the most important aspect for judging a keywords competition difficulty. This analysis looks at the top 10 ranked sites for that keyword based in the U.S. and looks at how many back links each page has, each domain has, if the keyword is in their title, description and a H1 tag. Do they have any high authority back links to their page from EDU or GOV links? Plus many many more variables. You can bet that each and everyone of our keywords has been thoroughly tested in this regard.