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Keyword Packages

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    Need a larger order? Want niche specific? Set your criteria with our custom package. Recommended* Build .
  • 5 KeywordPackage

    • 5 Keywords
    • Random niche
    • CSV E-mail Delivery
    $45 Order +Ext $55 Order
  • 10 Keyword Package

    • 10 Keywords
    • Random niche
    • CSV E-mail Delivery
    $90 Order +Ext $110 Order
  • Custom Package

    • Fill out our custom order
    • if you think you’re order
    • requires special attention.
    Custom Order

Build Your Keyword Package

This is the recommended and most popular route to take for all users in my eyes. Make sure to read the detailed descriptions of what each of the columns mean in our keyword list, and what our filters do. You can set your filters, sort the columns and start adding keywords to your cart. You can then check your members page for your order total and double check if there are any keywords you might want to delete from your cart before checking out. Upon successful payment, all of your keywords will now be visible and exportable in your members page.

Custom Package

Our custom order form is for those looking for specific keywords in a certain niche, or maybe keywords with specific words included in them etc… If there is not an option or filter on our keyword list to ensure you get exactly the type of keywords you’re after then this is the route for you. Fill out our custom order form and I will get back to you within 24 hours if your requirements can be met. Custom Order Form

5 & 10 Keyword Packages

When ordering either of our 5 or 10 keyword packages, upon successful payment you will automatically be e-mailed a detailed csv spreadsheet containing your keywords and corresponding data. If you select the Keyword Extension option, the extensions will be e-mailed to you in a similar report but will take 24-48 hours to be completed as these are manually completed. These packages are recommended for those who just need somewhere to start and find our keyword list confusing. Please note that these are randomly selected keywords from our list, if you want niche specific or some other requirements, please see our Custom Order form. Order 5 Keywords Order 10 Keywords