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  • “I’ve wasted a year of my life going about this the wrong way. Comparing the keywords I was going after before, and what KeywordSupplier gave me is a complete joke and made a night and day difference in my traffic. My posts for all 5 of my keywords I received were all indexed within the top 20 results, some even top 5 giving me instant traffic within just a few minutes. I am now a repeat customer :)”
    Chad B
  • "Great site, and great service here Steve! Every single one of my keywords worked out tremendously for me so I will be back to buy more when the time comes. Cheers!"
    Mark Johnson
  • "I struggled with Market Samurai quite a bit trying to find good keywords, incidently I found your site while looking for seo keywords haha. I was very intrigued by all the knowledge available here that I went ahead and bought a keyword to see what it would be like. I quickly wrote a half-assed 300 word article for it and posted it on a blog. It took a week but with very little backlinking I'm on 1st page getting about 40 hits a day from this one keyword. Now I just need to rinse and repeat this 100 or so times and I'll be golden!"
    Patrick Pool
  • "These keywords are a gold mine, you shouldn't be selling them!"
    John McCoist
  • "I bought 10 keywords with the LSI keyword extension option. I recieved my keyword extension report within 24 hours and it contained an average of 4 keywords per keyword I ordered, so I ended up with a total of 50 keywords. These extensions have been working amazingly btw! The traffic isn't too bad either on some of them. This truly is an innovated service and I am in debt to your forever for it"
    Jessica Priston

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Admin, Steve:

"Write content that people will want to share. Provide social media share buttons on all your articles for viewers to easily share it. Not only will this give you effortless back links but can provide another source of traffic from social networks.